Wilsider s.p.a
fraz Miralduolo, 56
06089 Torgiano PG
P.Iva 00553400540
Cap. soc. € 2.000.000
C.C.I.A.A.- REA 117637

Customer Area


Past experiences have been catalyzed three decades ago in order to create this family company. Wilsider was literally built brick by brick, with the love and attention that is appropriate for the own creatures. Today Wilsider is a reality which is continuously growing and it operates from its head office located in Torgiano, in an industrial area of 55,000 sqm, of which 15,000 are occupied by covered warehouses and 25,000 used for outdoor storage and in which there is an office building of 500 sqm. Cranes, muletti, cranes, trucks and a range of machinery for organized storage, handling and some simple working -sawdust bars, shearing and cutting heat plates, coating of pipes in Altene - complete the company overview. The long experience in international trade allows us to act boldly in the markets of many European, Middle Eastern and North African nations. If the pipes of all kinds are our primitive warhorse, now beams, plates and coils by train, merchant bars, tubes, insulated panels, gratings, fencing poles, manhole spheroidal cast iron and others, have supported and integrated significantly our commercial survey.